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Accusil Monophase

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Accusil Monophase


Accusil Monophase is a medium body vinyl polyvinyl siloxane impression material for one-step, impression techniques.


  • Functional impressions.
  • Fabricating crown and bridgework or inlays.
  • Fabricating full or partial dentures.

Product Benefits

  • Better adaptation to oral hard and soft tissues.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Easy removal.


  • Base: Vinyl-Terminated PolydimethylSiloxane, SIH Capped Polysiloxane, Vinyl MQ Resin,
    Fillers, Viscosity Modifiers, Pigments and Inhibitors
    Accusil Monophase
  • Catalyst: Vinyl-Terminated PolydimethylSiloxane, Vinyl MQ Resin, Fillers, Platinum Catalyst
    and Viscosity Modifiers.

Product Packaging

  • 2 x 50ml Base/Catalyst Paste, 10 x Mixing Tips, 1 x Instruction Manual.
    (REF 70006)
  • 1 x 50 ml Base/ Catalyst Paste, 5 x Mixing tips, 1 x Instruction Manual.
    (REF 70006-1)